tisdag 27 januari 2015

Growing apart or flying apart it makes a big difference

My time in Prague is coming to and end and people are for real starting to leave Prague and this is the moment where some times I just want to tell you DON'T DO IT! With don't do it I mean don't go for an exchange because at some point you and everyone else need to leave and you have to say goodbye. When people grow up they grow apart and then you loose contact because you are so different but when people go home after their erasmus they fly apart and try to hold on and in the most cases they do (I at least hope that) but sometimes the goodbye you say is actually a goodbye. In my case I had some awesome people leaving that I certainly hope and in other cases know it will not be goodbye forever but just for a moment. <3 I miss you guys!

fredag 2 januari 2015

Things to do in Prague

I am back in Prague after a good Christmas holiday at home and I am continuing my holiday because I have no classes to go to. This means it is time to EXPERIENCE PRAGUE full time. I have made a list of places I would like to visit in Prague during the rest of my stay. I won't make it to all of them but many I hope. Here is my list by categories.


1. National Museum
2. Kampa Museum
3. Kafka Museum
4. Vysehrad Museum
5. Alfons Mucha Museum
6. Communism Museum
7. National Technical Museum
8. Museum of the City of Prague
9. Dvorak museum

Outside places:

10. Novy Svet
11. Jewish cemetery
12. Olsany cemetery
13. Jan Palac memorial
14. Don Giovanni monument

Religious places:

15. Resslova church
16. Tyn church
17. Betlehem chapel
18. Jerusalem synagogue
19. Convent of st Agnes (National Gallery)
20. Strahov monastery


21. Prague house of photography
22. Dancing building
23. Stenberk Palac (European art, National Gallery)
24. Kinsky Palac (National Gallery)
25. Veletrzni Palac (National Gallery, 20th & 21st century)


26. Laterna Magica
27. National Marionette theatre 
28. Estate theatre (Don Giovanni)
29. Lucerna cinema


30. Municipal house
31. Powder tower
32. Petrin tower
33. Bertramka (Mozart museum that probably is closed?)

Bars and restaurants:

34. Crossclub
35. Wakata club

I still have 33 places to visit in Prague so I wont be bored after all. :D If you have places to recommend please comment or if you want to join me somewhere that is also possible.

Living without toiletpaper

Okay, yes sometimes I do these weird things like go two weeks without buying toilet paper even though we ran out of our own. This was not planned. I tried to remember to buy toilet paper but my memory is not so amazing. When we first ran out I asked Jenna if I could get one roll from her which I got. This roll lasted for a while but when Myriam came home from Cracow and we were two persons using the toilet paper it ran out again. This time I started with napkins and then Myriam told me she had this paper roll from the hostel in Cracow and it wasn't even toilet paper but we managed. It took me two weeks to buy some more toilet paper which makes me think about how funny this necessity for using toilet paper is. When you have money you don't even think about it. It is just toilet paper and I actually went two weeks without using my own toilet paper. Beat that. That is an experience that I would not have got unless I had came to Prague.

onsdag 3 december 2014

It is dark again...

No I am not talking about the sunsets but about the constant problem with the electricity in the dorms. Or actually it is not a problem but many people do not seem to realize that. I feel like a really smart person (read sarcasm) when I am one of the only ones in the dorms that know what to do when it gets dark. Darlings, it is the fuse that blowed once again! This means that you should walk over to the electric box open it and put all the "thingies" there up, that's it! Piece of cake! And the light is back on and everyone cheers, for ME! (joking again) You can open the box with your room key!

(I stole the pic from some website, please don't sue me!)

måndag 1 december 2014

The country of castles...

If all Finns would move to Czechia everyone could live in a castle. (Not a fact just my own theory)

During my stay in Czech Republic I have been visiting so many castles that I can't even remember all of them and still there is a lot of castles worth visiting in this country. Im am going to try to present some of the castles to you.

I also visited a castle in Krakow but this was about castles in Czech republik. Still I have visited at least 8 castles in two months! Some people also count Vysehrad as a castle but I have only visited the church and the walls of the fortress and never seen a castle so I do not count that.

1. Prague Castle

Been there twice and have not yet actually been inside the buildings. Too much tourists for me...

2. Melnik Castle

This castle is privately owned. Inside we were not allowed to take pictures so here is just some from outside. They have a wine brewery in the castle where it is possible to go for some wine tasting. I recommend the wine before castle tour, it makes it more fun!

3. Castle in Cesky Raj, Valdstejn Castle

There are several (maybe 10) castles in the national park Czech Paradise and honestly I have no idea which one I visited. If someone knows the castle please tell me which one it is! Joost told me it is the Valdstejn Castle, thank you Joost!

4. Cesky Krumlov Castle

This was an amazing castle with lovely furniture and details inside. There was some bears on the yard but I never saw them. But inside the castle we confronted many bears, so watch out (for the furs). Once again no pics inside!

 5. Ploskovice Castle

This was a beautiful castle near Litomerice. There was a really nice feeling about the place and I could move in to this castle because it is beautiful and big but not too big. The weird cellar part was scary though.

6. Loket castle

Loket castle was one of my favorites. It is a big medieval castle with huge dungeons and a lot of torture equipment. We even tried some of it. The most scary thing was the strakakal that is a hobbit that wanders around the castle and brushes peoples hair if they are not tidy enough. So you better brush your hair if you go there!

7. Pruhonice castle

Pruhonice is this beautiful park near Hostivar, where my dorm is. The castle is not so amazing as the park around it. In the building they have some study center and I do not know if it is allowed to go inside but I went anyway and it was nice to see it from inside.

I still wanna visit at least Karlstein and Konopiste castles. Yes I know I should be bored already but no!